"What is so impressive about Scribeasy is that it not only coaches children on writing but allows them to share their stories and interact with the creative work of classmates and friends. This helps learners develop confidence in their abilities and turns writing into both an individual and group activity while strengthening reading skills at the same time! I don't think a better product exists to help young writers come out of their shell."
- Meredith Cicerchia, PhD Researcher in Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham

Writing should feel delightful. At home or school, Scribeasy adds fun, discovery and adventure into storytelling. Scribeasy was born out of a personal experience and the needs of the founder to inspire a young son who struggled to get his imagination onto the page. Backed up by years of teaching, Scribeasy uses technology to offer a simple but compelling way to channel a student's creativity, with a family and an educational appeal.

Scribeasy feels like an app but it is actually a web-based platform. A sign-up gives each user a unique login, a password and a username to access their workflow and story folders. The single STUDENT workflow is free to join - from this website, go to SIGN UP. Or if you are looking for a GROUP option for a family, home Ed or a school club, this is a workflow that streams stories and feedback (and more) between a parent/ teacher and student/ child/ family.

What kind of features are there to help my child write a story?

The free STUDENT workflow has ready-made themes, Art Packs,

an interactive and audible thesaurus,

story playback (alter the voice you hear in 'Settings' of your device),

student story performance metrics such as - new thesaurus words used in a story, number of story revisions, writing duration

personal photo upload, creating backgrounds and a cutout background remover tool for characters and objects,

peer to peer sharing option, read and hear stories (validated before published) from the Scribeasy's community.

When you sign up as a GROUP - your features include all of the above but with additional features that enable you to:

personalise the workflow - create personal themes of interactive Art Packs,

upload your photos and access the bank of thousands of imaginative images,

live notifications when a story is written to action teacher annotations, a marking system and teacher summary,

live notifications for a student to edit their story after a teacher has marked it

validate student story shares within your group,

Chose between a free single student workflow or select a payment plan to co- create stories between a teacher and a student.

Individual Family Yearly (Plan 1)
- 12 month billing cycle, £12/year
- 2 teachers, 4 students

Community Monthly (Plan 2)
- 1 month billing cycle, £5/month
- 4 teachers, 20 students

Academic Group Monthly (Plan 3)
- 1 month billing cycle, £10/month
- 8 teachers, 50 students

Small School Monthly (Plan 4)
- 1 month billing cycle, £21/month
- 16 teachers, 200 students

Small School Yearly (Plan 5)
- 12 month billing cycle, £240/year
- 16 teachers, 200 students

Plans can be selected once you are logged into the app. Visit the app now to signup and get started!

Edtech that makes it easy to transform writing into an experience

How in five minutes Scribeasy helped transform the writing experience for a 'worried' KS2 boy to becoming a proud writer. His keyword word 'worried' shifted to the word 'anticipation' after using the thesaurus.