What’s more important: IQ or Emotional Intelligence?

IQ is important, but developing EQ skills can be even more influential on a child’s success. Motivating children to write and achieve accuracy, quality, and plan ideas is challenging.

As adults, our concerns are naturally for spelling and accuracy to save a child from judgements that can be made in later life around the quality of one's writing. But more than being grammatically correct, writing is hugely beneficial for the imagination, self-expression and insight into our mind. It helps us organise and understand our thoughts. Our approach with Scribeasy is first and foremost to help children enjoy doing what they are best at - their strength to imagine, and from there work help them move closer towards whatever is the desired outcome.

Encouraging children to practise imaginative writing helps them validate their importance and the impact of their self-expression. They will gain a better understanding of techniques to shape ideas and put things into a context that is meaningful to them. Creative writing is a positive and (should be) a fun experience can draw out aspects of a child’s identity.

Scribeasy enriches a story starting point with a workflow that starts with composing diverse elements into an image. This encourages playful and connective thinking, where there is no right or wrong way -just a rewarding and releasing process that lets children arrive at their story easily. The inbuilt thesaurus encourages the writer to explore new words and build descriptive and emotional agility.

Scribeasy looks simple - but it is a potent product! And for a subscription that is £30 for the year with a dedicated roadmap of upgrades and content in the platform - it is worth a look!. Try for free or cancel at any time in the 30-day trial.

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