We make coaching feel fun and magical.

Looking for a little more support to coach your child from home? Scribeasy is an affordable solution for one to one tuition delivered by a creative writing mentor through the Scribeasy story writing platform.

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Ojo Creative writing workshop


Telling stories should be as much fun as hearing them! We transform the writing experience connecting it with with drama and model making. Email us to know let us know you are interested to know about attending our next workshops. 



Why should children have all the fun! Scribeasy's creative education is un-restricted. We inspire adults to focus on their creativity and well being. Unleash your power of story teling. Combine pottery, comedy writing, and historical tours with writing. Get in touch!



Our goal is raise student aspirations Across all ages and abilities Scribeasy training sessions are focused on building a student's growth mindset and long term employability. We’re now on Rocket Fund, so Scribeasy is free for schools to use.

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Please send me details about the Dulwich summer workshops dates; 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st August