Build creativity: Crank up your child's vocabulary and thinking agility! 

The meaning of ‘literacy’ today reflects a much wider range of skills required by individuals. The people who achieve the most in the future will need good processing and creative thinking skills. To meet 21st century skills, learning methods need to cover more than simply teaching kids words and how to write: They need to learn how to learn.

Helping a young, left-handed, son to close the gaps between his imagination while learning to write, and not fall behind, was the reason the founder invented Scribeasy. People worldwide have poor literacy skills, but in the face of the 21st Century, the unemployable will also be those who lack creativity. 

NASA scientists report that our education system is dumbing kids down and young people are emerging with a lack of emotional and creative skills. The worrying trend today is not that kids can't write, but there are 56% of kids who don't know what to write.

Scribeasy is a way to help children to empower themselves by discovering how to learn through their creativity. Scribeasy works by bringing random things together in picture-word packs. Children connect with the pictures they choose and seamlessy start to explore new words. Imagining the variety of story outcomes becomes interesting by combining different pictures.

At Scribeasy we believe that storytelling is a gift for life.

It builds the confidence to be fluent with ideas and language.




Disengaged to proud.

James is nine years old. We met James in his school class. We asked him how he felt about writing? He rated himself 3/10 on a self-like scale and said: "I hate writing".

We invited James to make a picture with Scribeasy. We asked James to choose between images of different weather photo backgrounds and a variety of sports activities as objects and characters and describe how he would like to feel.

James made a picture with sunlight on clouds, a canoe. His feeling was 'calm'. His carer commented;

"This is quite something to get James writing and at this quality, let alone be interested in anything but football!"

Please read James's story;




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