Storytelling is a life-skill. It uses the highest order of our thinking ability. Knowing how to harness the imagination is a method for creativity, problem-solving and a help to unlock. explore and begin to understand what's inside. 

Whether learning a language or coding, the ability to draw and use vocabulary being creatively confident with information are the seeds for better self awareness and expression. These are fundamental qualities for entrepreneurial skills that affect how any individual can begin to shape their future.   

We invented Scribeasy, to help people of all abilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, fear of the blank page) build their foundations for entrepreneurship. Scribeasy is a coaching and a teaching platform that helps build the life - long ability in how to harness the imagination. 

Alongside teasing out stories in a playful and easy to use workflow the Scribeasy takeaways are quality works enriched by having a broader start point. There are  deeper understandings around how ideas can be harvested and how improvements can be a self - directed  process about thinking about the thinking.  

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EU Equality Rebooted Semi-finalist 2017

“What is so impressive about Scribeasy is that it not only coaches children on writing but allows them to share their stories and interact with the creative work of classmates and friends. This helps learners develop confidence in their abilities and turns writing into both an individual and group activity, while strengthening reading skills at the same time! I don’t think a better product exists to help young writers come out of their shell.”

-Meredith Cicerchia, PhD Researcher in Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham
Mind mapping with pictures

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Mind mapping key word for the integrated thesaurus.