What is Scribeasy?

Scribeasy works like a toy for the imagination. It is a unique approach that draws children into an educational and creative workflow for writing.

Scribeasy can transform children who worry or struggle with writing to feeling proud. It's a compelling and multi-sensory approach that makes it easier for more types of children to process and achieve ideas that they enjoy developing into writing.

Scribeasy is a fully customisable (visual, auditory, readable and touchable) writing and editing workflow between an educator and a student. Log in from any device, and enjoy a platform packed with vast and inspiring visual content, creative tools and time-saving features such as a teacher marking system, student performance metrics, optional story-sharing and liking, and a workflow that compliments classroom activities alongside the tablet or desktop computer. Scribeasy is a unique tool for every classroom that adds enjoyment and a creative opportunity to writing within the curriculum.

The platform that helps children write and use their imagination.

A five-star teacher rating: Excellence for these learning outcomes: Cognitive Development, Communication Skills, Collaboration Skills, Life Skills and Academic Relevance.

Amanda Duncan, the Founder of Scribeasy, remains thankful for the Art scholarships that transformed the way she started to learn after she left school. It was during her BA Hon’s and later during her masters at the Royal College of Art that the understanding of the need to acquire a mastery of learning became meaningful and inspirational. It has carried her successfully through three fulfilling career phases. Working as an Art teacher with SEN, Secondary, FE and Degree level students, while practising as a designer-maker (her clients include Zandra Rhodes and London Underground). As a CGI and VFX advertising executive producer (eleven years) employed by TAG with brands such as VW, BBC and Channel 4. But it's the third, most recent phase, the founding of Artsmiths Ltd that excites her most: An expansion into ed-technology to help visual learners (like her son) find their path to writing and literacy.

Answering a vital educational need for ways that beat the blank pages, Scribeasy offers a fantastic interactive writing platform for schools and parents.

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