Why Scribeasy

Scribeasy was invented to nurture the creative thinking and writing skills all children need for their future. A child will have better choices in careers and their long-term well-being if they are literate and know how to use information. Using techniques developed from training for a master at the Royal College of Art coupled with teaching experience, Scribeasy inspires students to learn through the process of story-telling.

Parents want the best for their children. We do, too. Scribeasy builds a love for writing and nurtures thinking skills and aims to support the parents who have children who struggle with writing. One in five children has learning and attention issues, Scribeasy is working hard to close the gaps for these children to enable their imaginations to reach the page. With the right support, parents can help children unlock their strengths and creativity so each child can reach their full potential. Scribeasy continues to build a platform with state-of-the-art technology. The Scribeasy app 'Group' sign up option is a co -creation solution that has remarkable resources that can be personalised and is a secure online community, and more:

Fun features such as - your child writes a story - you see a notification to read it (works on your smart phone), comment on it - for your child or student to get their notification and act upon. And so it goes on!

Life is rarely linear - and how we learn should reflect this. Scribeasy helps students improve their writing through making practice feel playful while gently challenging them to process information. Many adults are frightened to make mistakes and have a fear of failure: Some ideas never have a chance to get started. The people who achieve the most in the future will need sound processing skills and be creative problem solvers and be confident in their abilities. Scribeasy builds these qualities using story telling and the crafting of the idea. Being a good thinker who can learn facts and process them, and be a good writer: These skills will help a child approach other topics and install a mindset for resilience and creativity.

Scribeasy helps students' harness all of their multi-sensory brainpower when writing a story. It takes them on a simple but inspiring journey that is interactive and places all they need at their fingertips. An audible thesaurus and creative tools to convert photo - visuals into interactive word flash cards. The students love the fun of random discovery of images with tagged words which they compose into a personalised scene. The results are deeply personal, even when in a class using the same Art / Word Pack - which makes it fun to share. The workflow helps them visually to explore, grasp and embed the meanings of new words alongside implementing the grammar conventions they need to learn.

The beauty of Scribeasy is seeing how quickly young story makers can achieve stories - dramatically enriched with new words and topic diversity, and enhanced descriptions obtained by observation and imagination applied to the image. Scribeasy works on the premise that the brain processes visual information *60,000 times faster than text. The evidence we see from our workshops - are students achieving ideas and a body of words more quickly onto the page (including using text to speech) and a better memory recall for the new words they have used (helped by remembering images) and a sustained engagement as story-makers - for considerably longer periods.

Overall Scribeasy helps to meet the educational strategies that are proven to improve learning outcomes:

Scribeasy offers an interactive and scaffolded design solution that supports planning ( ideas, word bank and thesaurus), and story inventing with revising strategies and student monitoring with teacher annotations.

Multi-sensory and visual approaches are researched to be more effective for teaching spellings and handwriting to students than cognitive strategies, (Zwicker and Hadwin, 2009). For example, a helpful way to build up students handwriting is to gain their storytelling confidence by letting them tell their story and capture it digitally (use the iOS mic in the keyboard). From here, with a body of words on the page students enjoy recognising words and hearing their sentences, playback to edit. Once crafted the Scribeasy story printouts beautifully to copy or trace from by hand.

Scribeasy is an ICT approach for young and disadvantaged learners providing an imaginative way to teach and embed spellings and their meanings - which is researched to be more efficient than conventional methods (Torgerson and Elbourne, 2002).

Scribeasy is cloud-based technology which offers forms of engagement which helps to answer key factors to why boys may underperform, (Daly, 2003; Estyn, 2008; DfES, 2007). It is a way to provide lessons solutions that allow (boys) more ownership of their writing and help avert some of the barriers to writing.

Scribeasy helps students connect oral with their written work.

Scribeasy answers the need for learning through play strategies where children learn through active and free-play environments, (Mason 2011; Santangelo and Olinghouse, 2009; Brooks, 2007; Humphrey and Squires, 2011).