How Scribeasy Works

Making it easier. The best story writing application for any device.

The Scribeasy System

Every photo becomes a story. Inspiring co - creation method.

Scribeasy connects writing with thinking. The strategy is to offer a learning process that can be more inclusive of children and their learning abilities because it plays to a student's strength - their imagination. Ultimately, whatever the topic Scribeasy is a tool that transforms writing into an activity that is personal and meaningful to each student.

The Scribeasy System

Building story inventors.

Image making is intrinsically personal. Scribeasy stimulates ideas and an emotional investment into telling a story. Working with scale and perspective - the student becomes the director, the inventor and the controller learning through play how relationships between elements affect how a story can play out.

The Scribeasy System

A workflow with discovery

The ability to tag information to any story elements enables children to discover and hear facts about the story element.

The Scribeasy System

Expand vocabulary

The integrated child- friendly thesaurus with a drop down menu helps students increase their vocabulary, exploring new words that can be read and heard and collected to their word bar.

The Scribeasy System

Scribeasy makes it easier to get started...

Scribeasy encourages learning through the process of writing. Story capture is easy to get started because ideas can be dictated (iOS iPad), this excellent for young children and then with a body of text on the page, it is less daunting to work with crafting the draft that is already on the page.
The editing section has a story playback feature to help a student learn by hearing their spellings and where punctuation is needed.

The Scribeasy System

Be involved

Finally, Scribeasy offers teacher marking and annotation within the editing system, along with student story sharing and liking - that can be within a family group or a school, and with other children from around the world.