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No child should be shut out of life-long opportunities because they lack confidence in writing. Scribeasy is technology that cuts through different learning styles and breaks down barriers to writing, enabling students to become more engaged and receptive to learning.

Scribeasy addresses the subject of writing in the UK which has the worst performance compared with reading, maths and science at KS 1& 2 and also an increasing gender gap, where girls outperform boys.

Scribeasy has an innovative workflow that generates meaningful metrics versatile, cloud-based, with cross-curricular resources. It's different as a co-creation and personalised learning platform that facilitates a visual, readable, audible, annotative and editable writing experience that cuts across different learning needs and social-level factors. It offers a uniquely versatile and interactive framework that's creative and helps primary, SEN and EAL schools cancel down barriers and assist with the teaching of grammar and spelling (often taught separately ) transforming them into a more contextualised and visual experience, alongside reinforcing connections between oral and written work.

In our trials, 90% of users (especially Year 6 boys) used phrases, to explain why they felt “Worried” when asked to tell a story: “Because I was thinking that mine might not be good.” “This is because I panic quickly and forget the story.” “Because I don't really like reading. “Because I don't get a lot of ideas.” “Because I'm not good at English.” “Because I'm not good at stories, so I feel a bit uncomfortable.” “Because I don't know what to write.”.

Scribeasy transformed these comments in one session- converting student expectation into an enjoyable free-play activity (which has associations with more progress in reading and writing). Scribeasy is proven to help students form an emotional investment with their work, feel pride and become more receptive to learning.

Click on this link to read the 5-star teacher rating review that the pilot iOS Scribeasy app received from the Educational App Store website. Our new cloud-based version takes story writing further. It's a dynamic teaching and learning tool that places discovery at the fingertips and converts places, objects and characters into a writing activity. Contact the Scribeasy team at; [email protected] for details about hosting your own after school workshops or subscribe with your email address so that we will get in touch. .


Scribeasy works for older boys.

"Because I was thinking that my story might not be good". Overcoming the barriers: Boys and writing.

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Edtech that makes it easy to transform writing into an experience

How in five minutes Scribeasy helped transform the writing experience for a 'worried' KS2 boy to becoming a proud writer. His keyword word 'worried' shifted to the word 'anticipation' after using the thesaurus.