Educators And Carers

Research shows that 65% of people are visual learners. Some children struggle and get left behind when it comes to writing, who don’t need to. Scribeasy is a fantastic solution for this learning style.

Scribeasy offers an educational platform for teachers and carers to co- create with children. It's a way to transform writing into a playful, multisensory and meaningful learning experience. And it's easy and inspiring to use as a teaching method.

Because Scribeasy is cloud-based, our platform has technology that makes the sharing of information dynamic with a student. We have created features and remarkable tools that save time for a teacher as well as original, creative and curriculum resources. Scribeasy's perfect as a solution for primary and SEN environments. It encourages children to focus, explore and self-direct their storytelling. In over 50 workshops it's attractive for the fast grab of the attention and the educational achievements it brings. It's proven to increase and improve user engagement, word count, creative thinking in the story quality, and pride.

Scribeasy works online and offline. It's easy to build a story anywhere and on any device.

Click on this link to read the 5-star teacher rating review that the pilot iOS Scribeasy app received from the Educational App Store website.

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