As educators, parents, and creatives ourselves we designed Scribeasy for children of all abilities. It is a visual platform and a methodology using creative visualisation strategies to help overcome challenges in writing and positive thinking. 

Being able to get started quickly with a good idea helps a learner make an investment in their writing and be more inclined to see it through. 

Scribeasy helps improve the quality and focus of teaching time with learners by stimulating the creativity and an experience that is self-directed.  

The straightforward interface design makes Scribeasy widely appealing. Virtually any ability or age - whether at home or in a classroom will find they can invent a story. In one place, all of the tools required to inspire creativity are literally at the fingertips. 

We have also designed the platform as a scaffold to help support other literacy approaches. Cloud-based technologies that provoke thinking and promote observation, and the association of enjoyment with writing.  We aim to offer a holistic, deeper experience gained through the fun, practise and learning from one's writing performance. 

Our aim? To harness cutting-edge technologies to close the gaps between the imagination and the blank page so all types of children shine.

In five easy self-directed steps, the Scribeasy platform is a workflow of interactive image making; teacher placed spellings and an integrated thesaurus.

1. Explore a topic in bite-sizes

2. Invent with topic elements

3. Plan an idea

4. Document an idea

5. Share and edit with an educator and  peers

Other great things about Scribeasy:

- It is a peer to peer community to share resources and stories 

- It is suitable for tablet or desktop devices with a teacher (smartboard screen, a mobile device  and desktop computers)

- A digital story folder for each student from where stories are printable 

- Inspiring as a teaching resource  

- A platform with thousands of prepared curriculum photos

- A multi-sensory workflow

- A platform with learner analytics. 

Six creative tips for where Scribeasy helps;

1. Focus! Writing for as little as three to ten minutes daily helps.  

2. Scaffolded And Self- Directed. Scribeasy does not ever prescribe a child what to think or write. The way images can be created are powerfully metaphorical.  Even when a group of students create an image using the same elements, both composition and the narrative that unfold will be unique. Scribeasy is a brilliant and holistic method that seamlessly raises questions and discussion points with your class.

3. Think Like Teachers: Scribeasy is a community for story sharing.  Some stories published have creative merits worth sharing - but may need correcting. The stories are fun for reading out, to build speaking and listening activities and developing inference skills. Sharing stories helps children think like teachers.

3. Description And Empathy: We share Royal College of Art, design thinking strategies. We help users extract detail from their images. We use mind mapping techniques, for example - imagining what you can hear, smell, taste, touch, if inside the picture, which triggers the keywords for the synonyms in the integrated thesaurus.

4. Worried To Proud! Scribeasy offers an almost instant appeal for even the most reluctant of writers. Use the Ready-made packs in the Art Shop and or subscribe as an educator to have limitless resources both words and images. 

6. A Platform To Integrate Topics With A Learner's World:  Creative tools that make images interactive, and story sharing possible within walled communities. 

Scribeasy is enjoyable, memorable and effective for ALL TYPES OF LEARNERS. It is a method that Builds Lexical Diversity And Emotional Literacy

 Unlocking feelings: 'Calm' was written by an eight year old boy.  The teacher remarked it was quite something to get him reaching this quality of writing and for the topic not be about football!

Unlocking feelings: 'Calm' was written by an eight year old boy.  The teacher remarked it was quite something to get him reaching this quality of writing and for the topic not be about football!

 See the Educational app store   film   review by a teacher.

See the Educational app store film review by a teacher.

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 Live co- creation, teacher annotation, story revisions

Live co- creation, teacher annotation, story revisions