Inspiring people to write


Children struggle most with writing

Writing is hard. Knowing how and what to write requires focus, perseverance, technical knowledge and creative skills. Little wonder that it is the least favourite topic and most underachieved part of the curriculum.

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Why bother with writing?

The impact of poor writing is a limited ability to self- express - which has proven affects around the levels of confidence, well-being and career expectations. Even crime. Reading is knowledge, but writing is power. It helps to unlock and order thoughts. It is a way to process ideas and re-imagine.

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What we do

Scribeasy adds fun and discovery and a deeper engagement for students around writing. It brings creativity and education together, enabling a writing experience that is visceral supported with intelligent tools that help children learning and living in a fast-changing world.

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How we do it

According to the World Literacy Foundation the cost of illiteracy to the world economy each year is $1.19 trillion. But as automation reduce process-driven jobs, the criteria for employability today, is creativity as well an ability to write. Scribeasy is an engaging solution that innovates how organisations can unite around building employable and creative communities.

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