There’s no Better Investment You Can Make Today Than Strengthening Your Child’s Creative Skills

Reading is knowledge and writing is power.

Writing is a way to explore and unlock the mind. It is a help to organise and re-organise thoughts, feelings, sensations and embed the things we learn. As a parent story creation is also a portal into the views and ever-changing perspective of a child.

Alongside being an easy and fun activity to explore together, the benefits of story-telling are vast. More-so the boosting of reading and writing are powerful skills that support children emotionally through everyday challenges to help them feel more in control and happier.



Disengaged to proud.

James is nine years old. We met James in his school class. We asked him how he felt about writing? He rated himself 3/10 on a self-like scale and said: "I hate writing".

We invited James to make a Scribeasy picture to explain a feeling. Choosing between images of different weather photos and a variety of objects and characters James made a picture with sunlight on clouds and two men in a canoe. The feeling he chose was 'calm'. His support teacher commented on the quality of the writing;

"This is quite something to get James writing and at this quality, let alone be interested in anything but football!"

Please read James's story;



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