Easter Holiday Writing And Creativity!  In collaboration with OjO, who make toys for future inventors, and Drake and Morgan - the excellent family restaurants, Scribeasy has a few inspiring workshop dates to share.

Book your children in for creative sessions that they will love: 


The Listing : Tuesday 11th April, and April weekends at The Refinery

Relax over a coffee or a tasty lunch while we inspire the children with an Easter Nest and Egg themed story making venture.

You will take home proud and creatively fulfilled kids along with a quality story, an inspiring app to continue to use, and a hand crafted nest.  We promise a quality Easter event the family can treasure.  

Book here for The Refinery,  

Or Here for The Listing

More venues to come!





We Value Creativity as a Life support for confidence, WELL BEING AND Acquiring Knowledge.

IS your child strugglIng to grasp writing and concepts at school?

  • Scribeasy is an enjoyable way to draw a child into writing by helping them connect with their ideas  - inside and outside of the classroom.

  • It is a fantastic community tool for home educating and has versatile uses across the curriculum and for well being as an opener to unlocking and discussing emotions. 

  • Scribeasy is so easy to get started! The more a child writes the deeper the insight to coach your child with the areas where they need support. 


WhY Scribeasy? It started with the despair and reluctance of My eight-year-old with Writing Home work. "I just can't do this mum." 

For my left handed son with a tendency to mirror write this was the stand off point between, 'can't you just try a bit harder and for just a little bit longer' and finding a point of inspiration to continue to write a story for homework. 

My son is imaginative, bright, happy. He loves to run about, loves comedy and music.  But despite a lot of support at home and reading to him overcoming reasons with him to read and write more beyond school was increasingly difficult - especially in competition with the rest of life. But as a creative I know that the thought flow that is intrinsically attached to writing is a vital key, as is embedding a broader vocabulary.

Like most parents I desperately want my son to achieve - academically and as a learner who cares about his own progress. As a parent my realisation is to help him develop a love for learning, which means me stepping back to a degree. If I want to equip my son to take responsibility for his life choices and educational progress,  I have to employ learning strategies for self-direction. 

So, this incident was a defining moment. The catalyst for Scribeasy as a facilitator for helping kids get started quickly, a channelling method enabling self-direction to build learning receptivity.

As the founder I have used every ounce of experience gained from extensive and successful backgrounds in creativity (MA RCA and first class Hon's) and careers that span teaching art ( SEN, secondary, O and A-level art, Degree and FurtherEd), product design, and CGI/ advertising.  Whether in the corporate world or education - at any age tackling the issue of finding a compelling and meaningful start point and having the strategies to use information well, ensures the creative rewards flow. 

It is easy to get started. Write for up to three to ten minutes using Scribeasy as regularly as is possible, and Scribeasy will help coach your child with reporting metrics on the areas where they need support.

All you need to do:

1. Join the platform - Sign up here as a family group. 
2. Write and share your stories with us. 
3. Each month receive your free reporting based on the story metrics.

 If you would like to know more or have any queries, get in touch here, with a message that says "Family coaching".

We look forward to hearing from you.