Boost creativity, quality family time, vocabulary and thinking agility. 

Scribeasy was created through helping a young, left-handed son close the gaps between his imagination and learning to write at primary school. He was slow at writing which made him feel he was a 'low achiever'.

During this period it was apparent how dramatically more effective the performance results became by appealing to her son's creativity and sense of fun. Using a scrap book and magazine cut outs the ideas for stories were exciting and easy to generate by making pictures. It was also a beautiful and surprising way to get to know him and for him to learn about her. Time for writing was a time to bond rather than a time to dread. 

Since then, Scribeasy's methods and technology continue to draw from over 30 years of the founder's creative teaching and VFX experience. With the backing of a highly professional team we are moving mountains to enrich the writing experience and long term aspiration for children all around the world.

The premise is simple to make writing widely appealing and virtually impossible not to invent an ambitious story. 

More than anything, Scribeasy offers a quality activity that brings families together. It is proven that children who feel supported at home do better at school. 

We hope you enjoy using Scribeasy as much as we do teaching it. We also believe writing stories is a powerful way to help people navigate through challenges, feel happier and build confidence. 




Disengaged to proud.

James is nine years old. We met James in his school class. We asked him how he felt about writing? He rated himself 3/10 on a self-like scale and said: "I hate writing".

We invited James to make a picture with Scribeasy. We asked James to choose between images of different weather photo backgrounds and a variety of sports activities as objects and characters and describe how he would like to feel.

James made a picture with sunlight on clouds, a canoe. His feeling was 'calm'. His carer commented;

"This is quite something to get James writing and at this quality, let alone be interested in anything but football!"

Please read James's story;




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