Scribeasy: Free web-based app to help libraries and museums

tackle literacy and writing

Scribeasy addresses the subject of writing in the UK which has the worst performance compared with reading, maths and science at KS 1& 2 and a gender gap where girls outperform boys. Studies show a positive correlation between illiteracy / functional illiteracy and crime: half of UK prisoners have a reading age of an 11 year old or below, a figure that rises to 80% in the case of writing. Supporting and engaging struggling children is expensive, many schools lack proper resources. *It is estimated that over the course of an individual’s lifetime, the taxpayer can end up spending up to £64,000 supporting someone with poor literacy skills

Scribeasy is a 21st Century approach providing user writing choices and data driven insights, that cuts across different learning needs and social-level factors. It is teacher rated - “high quality product, very innovative, above average for value, very high impact, and very valuable lesson resources.” and proving to close achievement, address engagement and confidence gaps where traditional writing methods fail.

Scribeasy is designed for public organisations. It enables them to leverage technology and methods that are engaging, accessible and inclusive for writing to support prevention and intervention solutions.

The platform innovates collaboration and working with the expertise of partners, hosting free digital assets to create a ‘permeable’ and engaging writing curriculum, with a broader circle of a themes, interests and opportunities. 

Scribeasy’s business model enables libraries and museums to include creative and digital story-writing on its menu, attracting new visitors and reaching further into communities. Drawing out even the most reluctant of writers, and offering support to under-resourced schools and families with needs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and English as a second language.

Using photos from all around the world Scribeasy’s interactive picture method sparks the imagination of the student and enables them to hone wider skills such as emotional literacy and how to analyse for progress using specific metrics and benchmarks.  

If you are a library or museum - get in touch to know more about accessing the Scribeasy platform for free.

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