Cognitive Development and Writing Skills

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Providing the opportunity for children to explore information through a preferred learning style enhances the capacity to learn and builds up processing speeds.

James, aged nine, is one of the 40% (Source: Nabisco) of people that processes visual information more efficiently than plain text. James has a sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) that involves daydreaming and is prone to a ‘lack of energy’, writing, which calls for a complex combination of mental and motor skills poses a challenge for him.

Scribeasy provides an inspiring writing approach and new ways of looking at things - whether past and present, real or imagined. Jed is a child with Special Education needs. He writes beautiful stories with Scribeasy. It appeals to him because it’s intuitive and easy to use. As he discovers new things, nouns and adjectives he is also building up cognitive skills such as focus, processing, connective thinking and creativity.

His stories are a great read, and the tremendous achievement is not merely because he has more than tripled the words on his page, but he has unlocked ideas and processed them by making connections, both independently and with some guided inquiry. The Scribeasy process for Jed has helped him raise his self-esteem and with a receptivity to want to continue: in one session his rating rose from 3/10 to 9/10 and Jed continues to edit his story.

With Scribeasy's environment, that's ripe for analogies and ideas James, who usually struggles with expressing his emotions into words is achieving a broader repertoire, and learning how to self-start and tap into his imagination to build his writing skills.

James can begin to enjoy with ease ways to explore self-expression and...