You can achieve more if you write what you think

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I’m small in stature, 5'3"; but I can move mountains when I crystallise my thoughts into words. I can create incredible opportunities, not because I’m a rocket scientist, but because I take time to draft out initial thoughts into words.

I wish someone had told me at primary school why and how synonyms can be fun. Not only do they quickly shift the emphasis, but they also become a writer's superpower. Something magical happens when ideas become visible. Suddenly there is something tangible that is easy to craft and manipulate.

When you can read back your thoughts, you can question them, edit them and construct them, become an architect of your mind. Words are great mediums for construction.

It's how you chose to fashion them that becomes a new blueprint that can outline goals with freedom to re- arrange them at any time. Writing creates possibility, perspective, the colour and the tone; they offer us the chance to frame and reframe, whatever it is that's on your mind.

Try it! Just a ten-minute process can reveal how a metaphorical 'molehill' can become a mountain, or that unclimbable mountain shrinks into a molehill.

Sometimes It takes a bit of work, sometimes a lot of work over time, but here's one 10 minute example by Josh aged 8 who had a list of things that made him 'nervous'. In Scribeasy, he created a picture to explain feeling 'nervous'. We shifted the emotion when we found 'anticipation' in the thesaurus which helped Josh understand there was a choice around how he could 'feel' when approaching a new situation; we converted nervous energy into one of 'anticipation'.

Why don't you try this with the Scribeasy workflow today? Explore with a child how being playful with words gives them a choice.

  • Create a picture
  • Attach a feeling to it
  • Play with synonymy in the thesaurus
  • Write and describe
  • Edit
  • Enjoy the results
Anticipation: Size of eagles