Tell a story day.


We're constantly amazed by the imaginations and creativity of the young authors who use Scribeasy. So, as it's Tell a Story Day and telling stories is kind of what we do, we thought we'd show you some of the amazing tales created using our creative writing app.

The Haunted Mask is a tale of a boy called Ronald, who finds a mask he can't get rid of.



This story by Jane is about a dinosaur who's afraid of the dark. 

Scribeasy 8.png

These are just some of the hundreds of stories created on Scribeasy everyday. We've designed the app to specifically help children, particularly those looking to improve literacy, unlock their imagination through creative writing. Images and words working in conjunction with our intelligent thesaurus help young authors to realise their passion and imagination on the page.

Scribeasy is aimed at children 8+ although we've got some authors as young as 4. Click the link below and start your creative writing journey.