STEM:SORTED at the Science Museum

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We're super excited to be participating in the STEM: SORTED event this year, on the 20th May at London's Science Museum.

Scribeasy will be amongst our peers at the forefront of digital education placing adventure, fun and discovery into writing to make it a magical and fun experience.   

Do come along to meet us - there are morning and afternoon sessions that cater to over 800 families. 

At this event, we have teamed our imaginations with OJO and their wonderfully innovative raft-maker kits. After, the Scribeasy team take the creations into a digital world where image, scale and perspective help inspire new words and a quality piece of writing.  

Our founder will share top creative tips from masters in product design and photography that help build up original thinking and new ways to look at the world. You will never find yourself stuck for novel ideas or words.

 We are looking forward to seeing you!