With over half of mental health issues starting before the age of 14, Educators in the 21st century are under growing pressure to tackle both mental health and education while required to demonstrate effectiveness and value to funders, stakeholders and its audiences. With squeezed budgets and reduced staffing, schools and academies need support to enable them to focus teaching activity and maximise the educational and holistic impact of their work. 

If you are looking for creative and visual teaching tools, teacher time saving aids and ways to support individuals one to one whilst in a class environment, or solutions to help children learn to work through emotions using art therapy, Scribeasy offers a cutting-edge tech and classroom solution with practical workshops and support for staff and volunteers.

Our aim is to help teachers, schools and their communities be the best they can be. And offer value in every sense.

How does Scribeasy works for schools?

  • Scribeasy is a versatile learning and teaching tool designed to support a wide range of lesson objectives, academically, creatively and emotionally. Students learn by visualising and inventing stories with preloaded picture-word packs in an intelligently reporting platform. The platform has a vast library of pre-loaded content and learning goals to provide a framework that can extend easily to a school’s curriculum. We are adding to this library all the time, as per customer requests.

  • Schools can access the use of the platform through booking a training session(s). This unlocks the subscription to the platform in the school.

  • A training session can be at your school and online. It can include a teacher training and a pupil workshop.

  • For an additional fee we tailor Scribeasy with bespoke curriculum content creation for your school.

  • Our pricing plan aims to suit all your needs. Contact us to get started with a login or book a workshop!

    Did you know you can crowd-fund Scribeasy? Look below. Scribeasy is part of Nesta’s Rocket Fund for UK Schools.

School pricing plan
Nesta Rocket Fund

Is budget an issue?

We’re now on Rocket Fund, a new crowdfunding platform for UK schools, designed to enable all students to access technology. Read here about how it works

  • ●  It’s free for UK schools to use

  • ●  There’s match-funding available

  • ●  It’s much more efficient than a bake sale!

    By August 2018, Rocket Fund had helped 200 UK schools raise £185k.

Go to https://rocket.fund/p/scribeasy/to see our template and start a project!