We have started the Scribeasy road show…

We have started the Scribeasy road show…


“Creativity is Power”

Scribeasy was created to help a young son close the gap between his confidence, imagination and writing at school. Despite having a bountiful imagination, being left-handed and an extremely slow and reluctant writer his struggles were widening into barriers that began robbing him of time that should be spent developing self-esteem and his creativity. 

Scribeasy Ltd is financed from company profits from Artsmiths Ltd. We have a core team of six who are talented and professionally qualified creatives, technologists, teachers, marketeers and well-being practitioners.

If you are interested as to know more about how we can help dyslexia, SEN, English language learners and general creative programmes get in touch.

If you are a charity, museum or library or publisher we’d also love to hear from you.