imagination is THE bridge to IDENTITY AND Emotional InTELLIGENCE

Motivating students to write and achieve accuracy and imaginative qualities is challenging..

Boys and writing.

Boys and writing.

Imaginative writing helps students validate their importance and build their self-expression in understanding and shaping meaning. It also develops a non-judgemental sense of achievement through using the imagination, and draws out aspects of difference, being individual and collective identity.

The method of inventing stories prompted by a diversity of images enables Scribeasy to engage a breadth of students visually with topics across the curriculum. Our use of technology also provides visual and evidence based data driven insights for individuals and groups.

With this in mind, one area of particular application is Scribeasy’s role in the development of well being and empathy. On going research continues to show that a greater understanding of emotions helps to develop self-awareness and self-compassion which In turn , helps build an appreciation of ‘other’.

“True empathy though, is an act of imagination. We have to imagine what it would be like to be in the minds of others, to walk in their shoes”(Professor Paul Gilbert, The Compassionate Mind, 2013’.

If you are looking for a creative STEAM visual teaching tool with time-saving teacher aids that can support individuals one to one and in a classroom environment - Scribeasy is an imaginative solution. Our pricing is straightforward, @£5 a year per student. To know more, drop us a line here.

  • A visual learning and teaching with pre-loaded picture-word packs in an intelligently reporting platform.

  • A platform with a vast library of creative content that can extend easily to a school’s curriculum. We are adding to this library all the time, as per customer requests.

  • We’re now on Rocket Fund, a new crowdfunding platform for UK schools, designed to enable all students to access technology. Read here or write to us to learn more.

Nesta Rocket Fund
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    By August 2018, Rocket Fund had helped 200 UK schools raise £185k.