Some of the world's greatest storytellers are threatened by dysgraphia, dyslexia or a fear of the blank page. Scribeasy is a visual and educational writing platform with creative methods designed to help and protect children and people from disadvantaged life outcomes because they struggle with writing.

Unleash student creativity:

Scribeasy is limitless, creative and cross curriculum. This inspiring method has been thoroughly tested and proven to help students who struggle write. It holds unique teaching resources, and user metrics and enables students to self direct their work. 

Combine images, audio and text to create:

    • Visual platform and interactive images
    • Digital student portfolios
    • Teacher annotations and marking workflow
    • Peer to peer sharing and liking
    • Personalised student metrics
    •  Beautifully visualised feedback with the Group Subscription Service
    • Thesaurus 
    • Thousands of detailed visuals and add your own
    • Write more. Learn more. Workflow that generates inspirational feedback
    • Works for writing like playing with a toy for the imagination.
    • Get started in seconds!

Scribeasy is where people discover their talent and their learning potential. Click here to see a video and read more about our five-star teacher review from the Educational App Store. 

Accessible, magical, multi-sensory and meaningful - the beauty of Scribeasy is it inspires something in everyone. The image making and writing is a fantastic way to make help make connections in learning. Students create a finished product, and Scribeasy gives them a community platform for sharing their stories and learning with peers or others.

We have started a mission to change the lives of people who didn't think they could write.

Scribeasy supports parents and schools who want to raise the profile of writing as a fun practice.

Why? Because creativity and writing are proven resources that empower learners with a freedom of choice and life long skills for longer-term well-being and achievement. 


1. Join for free and use the single workflow: Student;

2. Subscribe for a Teacher / Learner Writing Group with a subscription and a feedback service based on £1.33 a year per learner. 

3. Not seeing what you need then get in touch to ask us about a bespoke pricing plan.


All photography provided by the Scribeasy Image Bank.

Write a story that becomes meaningful, magical and personal.

Write a story that becomes meaningful, magical and personal.


Find out about our organisation, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy to Scribeasy.

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Realising their potential

Realising their potential

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Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself a story co-creators. Whether a Student, or school or family,  help a story happen and use our platform.

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