Language learners need variety.

No single textbook offers everything nor can build creativity. Learners need to feel engaged with writing to progress and develop a solid language foundation of words and achieve fluency. Here at Scribeasy, we offer a creative and flexible online method that is appealing for learners of all ages, levels, and needs. It lets students take more control of their story while building academic, functional, and conversational skills.

Join the Scribeasy platform and social venture that helps more children connect with writing and realise their potential. Our parent/ teacher configurable platform is continually improving - supported by our partners for creative content and based on research and feedback. Our approach enables children and their communities to:

Learn playfully and imaginatively

Broaden vocabulary while learning through process and writing insights

Why Scribeasy?

Every day, students uncover new layers of the world around them. But helping them to express and embed their experiences into writing (which is the topic that underperforms most across the curriculum) is hard!

Scribeasy is a web-based platform that creates opportunities for writing while developing the imagination, emotional intelligence, and language flow - all of which are inextricably connected. The platform helps students learn not just by being *told* about the world, but by being given the space to *articulate* observations for themselves.

Using pictures and an intelligently reporting thesaurus, students of all abilities can hone their writing skills and embed their knowledge of virtually any topic while removing the sense of rigid “lessons.” Each story created gives the user feedback that engages the student with their progress. Other algorithms help teachers with time-saving tools such as for marking, story annotation, and providing insights per student and groups, using specific metrics and benchmarks.

People underestimate how much-limited vocabulary impacts upon day to day life. It affects levels of aspiration, self-esteem, understanding, self-expression, conveying ideas, emotions and career expectations. For SEN and English language learners, Scribeasy offers a more organic, more engaging way to engage with new words and practice English skills compared to other language apps.

I just want to say how much my son (who was incredibly reluctant to do any writing before) enjoys Scribeasy, which is known to induce creative writing skills for kids. I never have to ask him twice to write a story!
— Parent, J W
Planning, preparing, inspiring, producing, marking and assessing students’ writing is helped with this versatile and original tool. Available on any device with a web-browser, Scribeasy is creative writing for kids platform that provides a superb service for both teachers and students.
— 5 Star Teacher Review, Educational App Store
*High quality product
* Very innovative
*Above average for value
*How much impact has Scribeasy made with your learners? Very likely
*How valuable are the lesson plans and link resources? Very valuable
* What are the things that you like most about this new product? Creating a story picture, the Art packs, the Thesaurus, the ability to give online feedback to pupils.
*Referral to other schools? Definitely

— School Trial Feedback

Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story because stories are memorable.

A first and un-corrected draft of a chapter written by ED aged 8. He made a picture with the Scribeasy story-pack (which is based on the film and book, “Lady in the Van” by Alan Bennett) which inspired his story.

A first and un-corrected draft of a chapter written by ED aged 8. He made a picture with the Scribeasy story-pack (which is based on the film and book, “Lady in the Van” by Alan Bennett) which inspired his story.

ED aged 8. Inspired by the Scribeasy story pack theme based on the film “Lady in the Van” by Alan Bennett.
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