Imagination is our way into an incredible world. Unlimited potential, but often locked away.

We've created a writing product to match and enrich those endless possibilities, enabling learning through creativity. Scribeasy unlocks the potential of minds of all abilities. It helps students achieve uniquely, creating and discovering stories from random possibilities.

This app is an excellent way to encourage young children to engage in being creative through writing and creating new stories whilst using their imagination. It also does it in such a way that young people will be increasing their proficiency in writing without even realising they are doing so as it is based on the enjoyment aspect of writing rather than a formal writing app. Overall it is an excellent app that could be used both in an education setting and in a home setting." The Educational App Store.

“Creating a picture helped me to visualise what was going to go on in my story. It was interesting to see how my friend's story was different although we made a picture together.” Oliver Cox, 10 years old