Scribeasy is a one stop creative writing platform that helps all types of children and abilities tell stories and improve as communicators. 

Based on art therapy and creative methods Scribeasy and its lesson modules empowers children, whatever their ability to invent and articulate ideas supported by a diverse visual dictionary, an intelligent thesaurus and story metrics. 

Why we are building the love of writing: Writing is the skill that underperforms most across the curriculum, and yet it underpins almost every other subject. A the fear of the blank page goes deeper. It can rob children of a brighter future. Locked inside, hidden stories can lead to walls of frustration and unfulfilled potential. 

Scribeasy encourages children to unlock their story playfully. It is an easy way to contextualise ideas, spellings and connect the practice of writing with observation, drama, making, oral and written work. 


Access an intuitive story writing experience that improves confidence 

and learning ability.

Creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next five years. In fact, it is going to be the third most crucial skill overall, as cited in The Future of Jobs. 

Knowing how to be creative is a skill that like other subjects, requires nurturing and coaching. But there are millions of people who lack the creative skills necessary to thrive in the technologically advanced world we are creating.  

Research shows that writing outside class is 7 x more likely to help children achieve above the expected level for their age.

Harnessing years of creative experience, teaching and research and corporate advertising careers, Scribeasy is a venture dedicated to building transformative and inclusive technologies that can empower young people whatever their ability.  

A yearly subscription includes thousands of creative resources and learning tools, ready-made story packs, a thesaurus, story metrics and our AI, Artistic Intelligence.

For as little as a 3 - 10 minutes a day, Scribeasy will improve a child's original thinking, their problem solving and expand their vocabulary. 




Help write a Dinosaur story
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Scribeasy - help for writing a story

We are incredibly grateful and proud since Scribeasy started to be recognised for the quality of the work we are doing. We are thankful for the ongoing support from organisations who want to help us achieve.


          Five Star Teacher Rating




Five Star Teacher Rating

 European Social Innovation Competition

European Social Innovation Competition

       Innovate UK!



Innovate UK!

    Scribeasy Founder Story


Scribeasy Founder Story


Simple, affordable pricing so everyone gets the most from Scribeasy.


We've built Scribeasy for everyone. We're passionate about closing the gaps between artisistic intelligence and the stories that never get written. To ensure dreams and achievement is possible for all individuals and communities, the FREE version of Scribeasy gives individuals access to the platform, with story metircs, a thesaurus and starter story art packs.

A subscription to Premium enables families to  co - create and access a full suite of creative resources, tools and learning metrics that build over time. The more you write, the more you learn. 




We make writing feel magical

Come and experience Scribeasy at one of our regular workshops. Led by our creative team our courses will help you discover more about your brilliance while having fun as a creative writer. 

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During the school holidays we run a variety of creativity workshop sessions for children aged 6+. Drama and model making are a big part of our approach to make writing an activity. Recent sessions included craft making with OJO and their creative making kits.



Why should children have all the fun! Scribeasy's creative education is un-restricted. We inspire adults to focus on their creativity and well being. Unleash your power of story teling. Combine pottery, comedy writing, and historical tours with writing. Get in touch!



We're all creatives at heart and we like nothing more than introducing Scribeasy to new authors. Check out our events and festivals and events across the summer - family friendly across the UK.


We're passionate about creativity, literacy and inspiring our youngest generation. Read more about what we're up to and what's important to us


Scribeasy founder Amanda shares her insights on how creativity and writing will evolve for the digital generation.