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Helping ideas reach the page

Writing is hard. Knowing how and what to write requires focus, perseverance, technical knowledge and creative skills. It is little wonder that writing is the least favourite activity and, the most underachieved part of the curriculum.

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The value of writing

Poor writing skills not only limits a child’s career expectations but has a proven effect on levels of confidence and well-being. Encouraging children to read, builds knowledge, encouraging them to write is power. It is a creative way to process ideas, problem solve and re-imagine.

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What we do

Scribeasy connects young writers with inspiration, imagination and independent thinking. More than a story prompt, Scribeasy lets children invent stories in a scaffolded but non-prescriptive way, while seamlessly exploring and building their vocabulary.

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Our mission

Story telling is good for society - it is a vital tool that adds to young people’s life chances. Adding to their bank of imagination, vocabulary it adds social and emotional skills – including empathy. As automation changes the face of traditional careers in the job market, skills for life are soft and hard.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s creatives and innovators.

Many language apps teach words - Scribeasy is different. Its configurable workflow nudges children to invent by making connections. They learn through image making, discovering new words in the thesaurus and personal analytics. It combines well with real-world, hands on activities. Classroom teaching trials have secured it a high value ranking and five star success rate with boosting levels of engagement, breadth of vocabulary and creative fluency.


Our Projects

Stories build hopes, dreams and words.

Making it inclusive and easier