The creative writing platform with methods that

inspire and teaches children visually.

I just want to say how much my son (who was incredibly reluctant to do any writing before) enjoys Scribeasy. I never have to ask him twice to write a story!
— Parent, J W
Planning, preparing, inspiring, producing, marking and assessing students’ writing is helped with this versatile and original tool. Available on any device with a web-browser, Scribeasy provides a superb service for both teachers and students.
— 5 Star Teacher Review, Educational App Store

In a world where the need for creativity is increasingly essential for a person’s future, our focus is on providing the right tools to inspire and nurture skills which are the foundations for positive academic, professional and personal outcomes. Scribeasy is a five star teacher rated web platform that helps kids fall in love with writing while they learn about themselves and how to use their imagination.

Our real-life story:

Scribeasy was created to help a young son close the gap between his imagination and improving his writing at school. Despite a bountiful imagination, being left-handed and an extremely slow writer his struggles were widening into barriers that began robbing him of time that should be spent developing self-esteem and his creativity.

Our Focus On Story

Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story. Why? Because stories are memorable.

Scribeasy uses a core visual method that is proven to open up creative and emotional channels for thinking and writing. The central ethos encourages cognitive flow and wider vocabulary helping kids improve their learning skills, creative expression and mental agility.

The platform has tremendous breadth and flexibility in its application. The story methods offer a uniquely visceral experience that can engage children with wider angles of development around social and emotional understanding skills. 

A social venture. Our aim is to offer communities incredible creative and holistic value while developing our ongoing technology and learning resources.

£30 a year

“True empathy though, is an act of imagination. We have to imagine what it would be like to be in the minds of others, to walk in their shoes”
— (Professor Paul Gilbert, The Compassionate Mind, 2013’.