“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Scribeasy is a creative writing kickstarter for KS1 and KS2 children. It has a unique reporting dashboard and an intelligent thesaurus that helps improve learning ability. It's a one stop and highly practical resource to use across the curriculum.

Scribeasy closes the gap between thoughts and the page. It lets children explore and stretch their imagination by constructing stories inspired by their world and making discoveries  - new places, objects and characters and learning from story metrics. 

As a tried and tested platform used around the world, we see how brilliantly and beautifully Scribeasy works  - unlocking creative flow, new ideas, words and emotions, learning with Artistic Intelligence. 


The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.
— Alvin Toffler

Why we need to build the love of writing: Without exception, everybody is born with creative ability, but most children need a bit of help learning how to channel their imagination if they are going to benefit fully from it. Scribeasy makes writing accessible, visceral, compelling, fun and more inclusive for the learner and the teacher. It has multisensory methods and features to engage and enrich young people by building storytelling skills. Students' acquire better learning skills through the way Scribeasy encourages discovery, planning and self-observation.


Resilience: An easy to use visualisation tool. It provides a scaffold but is never prescriptive as method. It helps those who don’t know what to write, or how to start, or how to articulate a situation, find their path. In research children go back to their Scribeasy story more than twice to craft, read, edit, and playback their stories.

SENS and broad appeal to boys: Helps to address the widening gaps between boys' engagement with writing and raising their enjoyment. The attractive, intuitive and easy to use interface is working well within SENS.

Confidence: Scribeasy is visceral, contextual and memorable. It's a confidence builder that inspires children to invest in their idea emotionally and is proven to close the gaps between the writer and the stories that might otherwise never get written.

Boosts vocabulary and spelling: The platform transforms photos into an interactive resource that integrates with words and audio and an intelligent thesaurus .  

Empowerment: We integrate analysis into the story practice. By feeding back meaningful and personalised metrics our learners are fascinated and motivated around improving their learning ability.

Emotional literacy: With child depression rates soaring Scribeasy is Art Therapy that unlocks more than stories. Our workshops are provided to help parents and schools acquire creative techniques and story activities that maximise the usage of the Scribeasy platform and its reporting metrics. 

Community: Peer to peer learning and story sharing and liking. 

Incredible value! Scribeasy was a semi-finalist for Equality Rebooted:  Social Innovation and Digital Transformation. We are tackling creativity, literacy and well being with an intelligent, and quality product that's accessible and affordable. 

Scribeasy is much more than a creative writing platform! Try the £12 a year family learner subscription today and unlock two intelligent learner and mentor platforms that talk to each other and provide reports. We've built a story making goldmine.

 Incredibly versatile and diverse as a creative resource. A fast-acting story kickstarter that's straightforward to use.  An enriching method for formal and informal learning time.

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At home

Children who are encouraged to write at home are 7 x more likely to achieve above their expected levels.  Read more on this story.

Creative Writing Workshops


More than just a writing platform. Book us for a story creation experience that takes story invention and writing to another level. It's inclusive, accessible and engaging for all abilities. 

creative workshop


Creativity is vital for everyone. Contact us to know how Scribeasy refreshes the parts that corporates might otherwise neglect!

Access an intuitive story writing experience that builds creative thinking

and problem solving.


Creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next five years.  In fact, it is going to be the third most crucial skill overall: The Future of Jobs. 

Knowing how to be creative is a skill that like other subjects, requires nurturing and coaching. But there are millions of people who lack the creative skills required to thrive in the technologically advanced world we are creating.  

Research shows that writing outside class is 7 x more likely to help children achieve above the expected level for their age.

Creativity is about processes and a way of thinking! Once learned it is a scaffold with proven benefits that underpins all other areas of life. What creativity is however, is often misunderstood.  It is a fundamental skill for problem solving and how to process mediums and information. Scribeasy uses creative writing to build 21st Century - creative and emotional literacy.  Playful learning, developing ideas, new spellings, and exploring writing techniques for self expression. Our aim is to build individuals with initiative and entrepreneurial skills.

Harnessing years of creative experience, teaching and research and corporate advertising careers, Scribeasy is a fanatastic team dedicated to building transformative and inclusive technologies and sharing creative strategies that empower young people whatever their ability.  

We are incredibly proud to bring to the educational and family market an accessible and incredibly valuable resource that adds enormous value to communities for a fraction of the cost.

A yearly subscription includes thousands of creative resources and learning tools, ready-made story packs, a thesaurus, story metrics and our AI, Artistic Intelligence.

For as little as a 3 - 10 minutes a day Scribeasy will improve a child's original thinking, their problem solving and expand their vocabulary. 





Help write a Dinosaur story
Scribeasy story invention

As seen in.


We've been incredibly lucky since Scribeasy started to have been recognised for the quality of the work we are doing. We are thankful for the ongoing support from organisations who want to help us achieve.


          Five Star Teacher Rating




Five Star Teacher Rating

 European Social Innovation Competition

European Social Innovation Competition

       Innovate UK!



Innovate UK!

    Scribeasy Founder Story


Scribeasy Founder Story


Simple, affordable pricing so everyone gets the most from Scribeasy.


We've built Scribeasy for everyone. We're passionate about closing the gaps between artisistic intelligence and the stories that never get written. To ensure dreams and achievement is possible for all individuals and communities, the FREE version of Scribeasy gives individuals access to the platform, with story metircs, a thesaurus and starter story art packs.

A subscription to Premium enables families to  co - create and access a full suite of creative resources, tools and learning metrics that build over time. The more you write, the more you learn. 




We make writing feel magical

Come and experience Scribeasy at one of our regular workshops. Led by our creative team our courses will help you discover more about your brilliance while having fun as a creative writer. 

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During the school holidays we run a variety of creativity workshop sessions for children aged 6+. Drama and model making are a big part of our approach to make writing an activity. Recent sessions included craft making with OJO and their creative making kits.



Why should children have all the fun! Scribeasy's creative education is un-restricted. We inspire adults to focus on their creativity and well being. Unleash your power of story teling. Combine pottery, comedy writing, and historical tours with writing. Get in touch!



We're all creatives at heart and we like nothing more than introducing Scribeasy to new authors. Check out our events and festivals and events across the summer - family friendly across the UK.


We're passionate about creativity, literacy and inspiring our youngest generation. Read more about what we're up to and what's important to us


Getting creative in the classroom. Scribeasy founder Amanda shares insights from a recent classroom session with 8-11 year olds.