Scribeasy is proud to be changing today's children and struggling writers into tomorrow's creatives.

All types of children, even those who find writing hard and who may read little, can discover new ideas and achieve amazing stories. Using Scribeasy even for a few minutes a day encourages kids to improve as thinkers and writers. The methods and the story metrics help them learn from their story performance while having fun  and broadening their vocabulary.

By 2026, Research shows that millions of jobs are expected to disappear,  all due to automation. To remain competitive in the future job market, and to be employable children will need one critical skill:

The ability to think creatively.  

Scribeasy enriches a child's imagination, boosts vocabulary and critical thinking skills. 

Story metrics

Discover, write, improve! Learn with a STEAM picture-word creative writing platform that tracks and builds vocabulary.  

“Creativity is as important as literacy” 

— Sir Ken Robinson
  What is the value of being creative?  It enables a person to become an original thinker. Scribeasy encourages kids to think, invent and learn from their story. It is preparing them for   the future   by practising original thinking.

What is the value of being creative? It enables a person to become an original thinker. Scribeasy encourages kids to think, invent and learn from their story. It is preparing them for the future by practising original thinking.

What is so impressive about Scribeasy is that it not only coaches children on writing but allows them to share their stories and interact with the creative work of classmates and friends. This helps learners develop confidence in their abilities and turns writing into both an individual and group activity, while strengthening reading skills at the same time! I don’t think a better product exists to help young writers come out of their shell.
— Parent: Meredith Cicerchia, PhD Researcher in Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham

Scribeasy has a subscription to monthly step by step creative writing activities and thousands of resources and data tools that keep the stories growing and improving. 

Method for writing
Wow!  You have created something amazing!  I taught them yesterday and we worked with it today and I’m super impressed.
— Helma Lee, Moreland School, San Jose,
well being
Scribeasy - help for writing a story


Life-long value for building a child's creative and emotional mindset: Yearly subscription, £10- £30 a year.



We're passionate about closing the gaps between creativity and the stories that never get written.

What's in a Scribeasy FAMILY yearly subscription?  

  • Monthly step by step guides to use with your Scribeasy 'app'.
  • Personal digital story feedback 
  • A visual-audio dictionary for picture-making
  • Digital coaching tools
  • 100's of  themed picture-word art packs
  • An intelligent thesaurus that tracks and builds vocabulary
  • Dedicated story folder 
  • Editing and audio story-playback 
  • Photo cut out tool




 Alice Age 4

Alice Age 4

We make creativity feel magical.

Come and experience how we teach with Scribeasy at one of our summer workshops.

Led by our creative team each session nurtures every child's creative brilliance. 

Sign up on Kidsorted or email us to book a place or know more. 

Ojo Creative writing workshop


Telling stories should be as much fun as hearing them! We transform the writing experience connecting it with with drama and model making. Email us to know let us know you are interested to know about attending workshops. Book here with KidSorted or email with any questions. 



Why should children have all the fun! Scribeasy's creative education is un-restricted. We inspire adults to focus on their creativity and well being. Unleash your power of story teling. Combine pottery, comedy writing, and historical tours with writing. Get in touch!



Scribeasy is a learning method. Our goal is raise student aspirations to help them capitalise on the opportunities available to them. Across all ages and abilities Scribeasy training sessions are focused on building a student's growth mindset and long term employability. To know more about Scribeasy free training read on.

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We're passionate about creating the opportunities for children to build the full range of hard and soft skills they need to thrive today and in the years ahead.  Read more about how Scribeasy is working in communities to help raise children's aspirations in their abilities.  


Scribeasy founder Amanda, shares her insights on building creativity and writing.