Welcome to Scribeasy! We help all types of children and users channel their imagination and write visual stories using an intelligent writing platform.

Our platform is a vast resource with AI tools that work with creative methods and sessions. Children are able to discover their talent and flourish in confidence of their ability to learn using stories to help them achieve fluency using their imagination and self-expression.

In a world where the need for creativity is increasingly essential for a person’s future, our focus is on providing the right tools to inspire and nurture skills which are the foundations for positive academic, professional and personal outcomes.

Our real-life story:

Scribeasy was created to help a young son close the gap between his imagination and improving his writing at school. Despite a bountiful imagination, being left-handed and an extremely slow writer his struggles were widening into barriers that began robbing him of time that should be spent developing self-esteem and his creativity.

Drawing from experience from over thirty years of teaching and professional creative and therapy careers the Scribeasy team have evolved an art therapy method (that won the son back to writing) to the innovative writing platform it is today. A uniquely creative and more self-reliant approach to boost vocabulary and embed a user’s understanding of how words and phrases affect their story outcome.

Who is Scribeasy for?

Scribeasy is a proven help for all types of learners; engaging children from early years to 11+, SEN, EAL and adults. It is an easy and quick method to get users started who can go on to achieve a story more independently and with coaching while supported by an intelligent platform.

How much does it cost?

Subscription to the platform costs £30 per year for the first learner, and then £10 per year for each extra learner. A subscription includes lesson plans and ready to go picture-word packs in the platform.

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What features and benefits are included in a Scribeasy FAMILY subscription?  

  • A creative and cutting edge platform that complements any number of Art therapy techniques and lesson plans

  • 100’s of ready to go sessions for creative writing, spelling and emotional literacy 

  • 1000’s of inspiring and diverse audio-photo-word flashcards 

  • A visual and audible coaching workflow that can be adapted by a teacher

  • Interactive picture making with drag, drop and scale tools

  • Text to speech story playback 

  • An AI intelligently reporting Thesaurus that boosts vocabulary

  • MY STATS: Incentivising story feedback

  • Print and web-sharing with a user’s community 

  • Discounted access to additional courses, training workshops and private online coaching. Inquire here to know more.

What is so impressive about Scribeasy is that it not only coaches children on writing but allows them to share their stories and interact with the creative work of classmates and friends. This helps learners develop confidence in their abilities and turns writing into both an individual and group activity, while strengthening reading skills at the same time! I don’t think a better product exists to help young writers come out of their shell.
— Parent: Meredith Cicerchia, PhD Researcher in Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham