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White Gold/ the mad hatter

Meissner watched the swell of the sea and felt happy. Today was the moment he'd barely dreamed could happen. It was as beautiful as he imagined it would be. But his wings felt like lead after his epic journey of circling the globe. But now with the secret recipe of the glaze from the Orient tucked safely inside the lining of his hat, Meissner knew a good rest was all he needed. His excitement of the prospect of new riches to come, radiated like the hot pink and red rays of the sunset.

He watched as the silver half moon moved into frame, high above the remains of the ship with the sinking cargo. Only a pair of floating leather white gloves remained.

The years of flight after the ship, across oceans, in search of the recipe for 'white gold' had finally come to him, through a shipwreck.

All Meissner had to do was swoop down to scoop up the top hat in the sea that had belonged to the wealthy porcelain merchant ( who, despite battling the waves for hours, had drowned). The hat felt heavy and big on his head, but there, inside the hat lining -written in fading ink upon yellow parchment - he found the recipe!

Life is full of surprises he thought. But as Messier scratched under the hat which was making him feel itchy, he had no idea about the poisonous mercury that had been used in the glue of the hat. Unbeknown to him, it was already seeping into his skin, and was about to change everything for him.

A Museum Story
Fin, aged 13.