Discovery and invention method for writing.

A journey for your imagination.

Scribeasy helps children write through utilising their creativity. It transforms the practice of writing into a playful and multi-sensory flow where students discover how to connect ideas, broaden their vocabulary, and be engaged for longer with the writing process through an editing and story sharing workflow. The workflow gathers student metrics and helps teachers with a workflow that can be fully adapted, curriculum resources, creative tools and an easy to use teacher marking system. Scribeasy is about learning how to learn and writing.

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“Creating a picture helped me to visualise what was going to go on in my story. It was interesting to see how my friend's story was different although we made a picture together.” Oliver Cox, 10 years old

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Cognitive Development and Writing Skills

Providing the opportunity for children to explore information through a preferred learning style enhances the capacity to learn and builds up processing speeds.

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You can achieve more if you write what you think

I wish someone had told me at primary school why and how synonyms can be fun. Not only do they quickly shift the emphasis, but they also become a writer’s superpower.

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